The Magic Coat Program

A program for people aged

The Magic Coat is a program that helps children aged 5-11yrs to feel safe and deal with a number of difficult situations they may come across in their young lives. Across a 6-week after school program, we teach strategies to help children become confident and resilient but also radiate the positive qualities of love, happiness, compassion and kindness. Positive people feel safe, happy and relaxed and, when the vibe that they radiate is welcoming, they make friends easily.

Enrol your child, and our Psychologists will teach them to:

  1. Manage their worries
  2. Feel more confident
  3. Manage friendships and bullying
  4. Problem solve everyday issues
  5. Build resilience
  6. Have positive self-talk
  7. Communicate with other effectively
  8. Build positive relationships with friend and family

teen girl and boy in conversation with a psychologist


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