1 to 1 sessions

Individual counselling under an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is focused on providing short-term, effective counselling for employees and their families from a qualified therapist.

Our team are here to offer support and provide evidence-based strategies to employees, because we believe that happier employees make a happy and productive workplace.

What can 1 to 1 counselling sessions help with?

Some of the reasons people access 1 to 1 EAP sessions with our Therapists are:

  • Personal issues
  • Work / life effectiveness
  • Improving relationships
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Working relationships
  • Life goals
  • Gambling
  • Trauma, grief and loss
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Financial and legal concerns
  • Communication skills
  • Drug, alcohol and substance abuse
  • Children with anxiety, behavioural problems, friendship issues
  • Divorce and home issues

Direction Psychology currently has EAP contracts with more than 15 organisations from all over the Perth area.

We can provide individual sessions for your employees either in person at our various practice locations, or via video or phone. We also offer critical incident response and corporate workshops to help protect your team’s mental wellbeing.