Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy Sessions

Everyone struggles at some stage in their life, and we are here to support you through these times.

Whether you are suffering from depression or anxiety, having difficulty with relationships, have a child with behavioural or emotional issues, are dealing with grief, or simply need a better way to cope with life and work stress – we offer a supportive and non-judgmental space to talk and work out a plan together.

Individual therapy sessions with a registered psychologist are an effective way to develop a tailored approach to tackling the emotional, behavioural or psychological challenges you are facing. We focus on understanding what your challenges are, what a good outcome looks like for you and working out the best way to help you achieve this. Our goal is to help you get unstuck and move past your difficulties, by developing a practical and achievable plan for mental health and happiness.

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Psychological Treatment at Direction Psychology

Who can benefit?

Anyone who needs a tailored and private approach to developing a clear path through their challenges may benefit from personal psychology sessions. Psychotherapy is commonly used as a strategy to treat depression, anxiety and other known disorders, but is also used for many other concerns such as career or life changes, problems with relationships, family conflict and more. Individual Therapy can be offered from childhood through to older adults. As a general psychology practice staffed with a highly trained team of Clinical and Registered Psychologists, we offer Individual Therapy to clients of all ages who are seeking help to work through behaviours and feelings that are troubling them.

Where can you have Individual Therapy sessions?

Our psychologists offer individual counselling at our main Direction Psychology clinic in Joondalup as well as at our Stirling, Mindarie, and Jandakot locations.

Online video sessions are also available for anyone who would prefer to chat via video. Medicare rebates for online sessions are currently only available to people in rural and remote locations under the Australian Government’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. Contact Us for more information.

Do I need to book ahead?

It is essential to book ahead for each Individual Therapy session. As a larger psychological practice, we focus on having a minimal wait time for appointments to aid you as soon as possible with a goal of seeing you within a week of your booking request.

Referrals and Rebates

If you are referred by a GP under a GP Mental Health Care Plan, or by a psychiatrist, you may be eligible for rebate of up to $86.15 for your session with a registered psychologist, and $126.50 for your session with a clinical psychologist for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

If you book to see a psychologist directly, you may be eligible for a rebate from your private health fund – contact your health fund directly to see if you are covered.

How to book

You may book to see a psychologist with or without a referral. Simple compete our online booking request or call us on 1300 322 068 to book your personal psychology session.

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We're here to help you move towards a happier, healthier life.

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