Critical Incident

Unfortunately, sometimes critical incidents happen in a workplace that can be traumatising for those involved and witnesses to the event. These events can cause a significant disruption to an employee’s sense of safety at work and their personal life. Some examples of a critical or traumatic incident include:

  • Serious workplace accidents
  • Near miss where someone could have been injured
  • Death e.g. heart attack
  • Violent confrontations such as an assault or armed hold-up
  • Natural disasters such as floods or bushfires, etc.

Critical Incident counselling

Our Therapists can come to your workplace and offer counselling and support after the incident, to effectively respond to the incident and minimise the risk of any negative mental health impacts, such as Acute Stress Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Reactions to critical incidents can differ widely, depending upon how involved people are in the event, their personal history (if something similar has happened to them before) and personal health and stress levels before the event occurred.

We use evidence based techniques, which are crucial for avoiding traumatising employees further, an unfortunate trend when workplaces don’t access psychological specialists. This process can be vital in reducing the amount of time off for affected employees, workers compensation risks, and other effects, by offering much-needed support after a difficult and traumatic event.