It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to prioritise their employees’ mental, emotional, and physical health. Doing so not only ensures a happier, more stable team, but also prevents absenteeism, high staff turnover, and conflict within the workplace.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) help workplaces support their employees by giving them access to wellbeing services including individual counselling, critical incident counselling and employee workshops. The services are free to employees of organisations that have an arrangement with Direction Psychology to provide EAP services.

EAP Services

1 to 1 Sessions

Individual counselling for employees to develop tailored strategies to deal with behavioural, emotional and psychological issues.

Critical Incident

Responding to critical or traumatic incidents and events in the workplace. Flexible delivery at your place of work is available.

Corporate Workshops

Interactive learning experiences on a range of topics, delivered by our psychologists. A proactive approach to mental wellbeing