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At Direction Psychology, we offer psychological services for a wide range of individuals including children and adults.

Our services for people seeking psychological support include assessments, Individual Therapy, group therapy and online courses. This allows you to choose the most suitable option for your needs.

Our approach to testing involves creating a relaxed and non-pressured testing environment for your child; applying standardised evidence-based tests; reporting on the results of testing and recommendations; and discussing and interpreting test results for parents and schools as required.

Assessments completed in the public sector or by a school psychologist can often mean wait times of up to 12 months. We can start the assessment process within a few weeks.

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What types of assessment are offered?

Our psychologists can complete individual assessments including:

Cognitive Abilities / IQ Assessment

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V) is a comprehensive clinical instrument for assessing the cognitive ability/intelligence of children aged 6 years 0 months to 16 years 11 months. The results of cognitive abilities or IQ assessments can provide information that can assist to develop individualised learning plans for your child.

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Academic Skills / Educational Assessment

Educational Assessments are useful tools to determine a student’s individual learning ability and profile. The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, Third Edition (WIAT-III) assesses the academic achievement for people from all ages from 4 and up. The test enables the assessment of a broad range of academic skills or a particular area of need.

We can assess word reading fluency, reading comprehension, spelling, written expression, mathematical reasoning, and calculation skills.

The WISC-V and WIAT-III tests may be used in combination to determine an overall indication of an individual’s cognitive ability and academic achievement levels.

Attention and Executive Functioning

Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. This test is typically done for children who have difficulty with staying on task, poor working memory and attention.

Dyslexia Assessments / Learning Disorder Testing

Dyslexia is a learning disability that is demonstrated in difficulty with reading and written language. We conduct diagnostic testing for specific learning disorders such as Dyslexia and behavioural disorders such as such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

WACE Special Consideration Assessment

Assessments for the WACE special consideration (Year 11 and 12 students). Candidates who have a permanent or temporary disability, illness and/or specific learning disability that could disadvantage them in demonstrating their knowledge, skills and understandings in standard assessments may have their school apply to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to sit ATAR course examinations under special arrangements. Application forms must be completed by the school, with supporting information supplied by external consultants such as a registered health professional where relevant.

Where do you offer assessments?

Our psychologists offer assessments at our main Direction Psychology clinic in Joondalup as well as at our Stirling, Mindarie, Jandakot and Queens Park locations.

Do I need to book ahead?

It is essential to book ahead for individual assessments, which may require a longer appointment time. We usually recommend that you book in for an initial session with one of our Psychologists to determine the specific assessment requirements, and they will then outline the schedule of testing.

Can I book with any Psychologist?

No, only some of our Psychologists complete the above assessments. Please select assessment when completing the booking form, and our reception team contact you to facilitate the appropriate Psychologist to complete this testing.

Referrals and Rebates

Unfortunately, assessment sessions are not currently covered by Medicare. There may be several sessions that do attract the rebate, such as the initial interview and any feedback sessions or subsequent therapy sessions after the assessment has been completed. Your Psychologist can give you a schedule of the required sessions, fees, and potential rebates for the assessment once you book in.

How to book

You may book to see a psychologist for an individual assessment with or without a referral. Simple compete our online booking request or call us on 1300 322 068 to book your assessment. Alternatively, referrers may refer a patient for individual assessment.

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