Medicare-funded Psychology sessions doubled!

The number of subsidised psychology sessions available to people on a Mental Health Care Plan has increased from 10 to 20!

The recent Federal Budget announcement has included a doubling of Medicare funded/ subsidised Psychologist appointments to Australians on (or eligible for) a Mental Health Care Plan. Previously, Mental Health Care Plan clients were only eligible for 10 subsidised sessions, but the recent budget changes have allowed for an additional 10 sessions to be made available.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Your GP must put you on a Mental Health Care Plan
  • If you’re already on a Mental Health Care Plan and have already used your first 10 sessions, you can get 10 additional sessions by seeing your GP for a plan review & extension
  • Only available from 12 October 2020 (sessions can’t be back-dated)
  • The 20 subsidised Psychology sessions must be utilised over 2 years

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