How can I support my anxious child?

Free for parents of sensitive and anxious children; providing helpful insight and expertise

Registered Psychologist Anastasia Mazzardis works with children, teens and young adults, and believes that targeting issues early is crucial for positive mental health development.

Ana will be presenting to parents of sensitive and anxious children, providing information and strategies to help boost confidence, resilience and mindset.

This FREE information night is designed to give parents insight into their child’s behaviour, and guide them toward effective communication, coaching and support.

Content includes:

  • What is anxiety and how it presents in children
  • Normal developmental fears and typical duration
  • Parent support: identifying the symptoms, managing the emotions, using problem-solving language to help children develop resilience and problem-solving capacities
  • When to seek professional help – individual therapy and group therapy

Due to social distancing requirements, numbers are limited, so registration is required to secure a place to this FREE event.

Please register via the Eventbrite link.

Written by Lorraine Sindel

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