Does your loved one have Cancer?

And you’re not sure how to support them?

A Cancer diagnosis can be a very scary and isolating time, for both the individual diagnosed and their loved ones. Emotions can be high and energy levels low, so automatic responses like anger, frustration, sadness and confusion are all completely normal for anyone affected by Cancer.

Cancer does not come with an instruction manual, so, understandably, you may feel completely overwhelmed and out of your depth at any point (or many points?!) throughout your Cancer experience, whether you personally have received a diagnosis, or your loved one has.

No one should, nor needs to, navigate the impact of Cancer alone, so it’s important to know what help is available, where to find it, and how to support your loved one.

Cancer Council WA provides a number of mental and physical health support services to anyone affected by Cancer and at any stage of their experience (current or post diagnosis and treatment). In our latest podcast episode we spoke to the Cancer Council WA about the impacts of Cancer for the diagnosed, family members, carers and the wider community (listen here).

It’s okay if you don’t know what to say or do for a loved one with Cancer, but voicing that and just being there for them might be exactly what they need…