Amber English

Clinical Psychologist Registrar
BA(Psych) (Hons)

Amber is an experienced Clinical Psychologist Registrar who has previously worked with teens and adults (16+), helping them through difficulties associated with mood, anxiety, self-esteem, chronic pain, personality disorders, substance-use issues, relationships, and more.


Amber has a warm and hope-centred approach, and utilises evidence-based interventions such as CBT, motivational interviewing, dialectical behaviour therapy and compassion-focussed therapy, whilst maintaining sensitivity to context and culture.


Amber can conduct cognitive and behavioural assessments that consider context, function and psychometrics (such as WISC and WAIS), and can develop support plans or reports for parents, teachers and practitioners (note these assessments do not diagnose).

We're here to help you move towards a happier, healthier life.

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