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Psychology services for children and teens

Our passion for child and adolescent mental wellbeing led to the development of our renowned group therapy courses for children from 5 years old.

First developed in 2014, our group program began with social skill courses for young children and self-esteem building groups for teen girls.

The demand for group options and the need we saw in our community and clients led to additional groups being offered over the years to cover a range of ages, presenting problems, and treatment approaches. Over the years we have proven results demonstrating that our group programs are effective in reducing symptoms and increasing self esteem and confidence.  Due to this we were offered funding by the West Australian Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) in 2018 to subsidise some of our group fees. 

We are incredibly proud of our extensive group program, and the results we see in our participants. Improved confidence, emotional regulation, increased sense of belonging, reduced depression and anxiety symptoms are just some of the changes we see in our group therapy clients.

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Group Therapy

Current Group Programs

Psychology services for children and teens

In the Zone

In the Zone is a 6-week Mindfulness group program that teaches teens aged 13-17 the skills to slow down, be more present in the moment, and live a meaningful and mindful life.
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