Problems Sleeping?

Getting enough sleep is important for your mind and body… 7-9 hours of sleep a night is recommended to ensure our mind and bodies are getting sufficiently recharged at the end of every day. But, many of us are struggling to meet this target, and it is negatively impacting our lives. What causes difficulty sleeping? […]

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The importance of ME time

Me time isn’t just spending time on your own… It’s about being present with yourself; mind and body. ‘Me Time’ is the conscious effort of taking (much needed) time-out to recharge your batteries. Me time can be spent in a range of ways and can vary for person to person. It can be achieved through

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Making friends can be hard…

There are so many factors that can make forging friendships difficult. Whether it’s location, age or shyness, making friends can be difficult – regardless of your circumstance. So, here are a few tips that might help: Remind yourself of all your good and likable qualities. These are what will draw people toward you, so if

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Dealing with uncertainty

Managing the uncertainty of COVID-19 Learning to cope with uncertainty is very important, particularly during the current pandemic we face. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a lot of change and uncertainty into our lives unexpectedly, so it is only natural to have anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviours, but it’s important we acknowledge and process our

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Coronavirus Help

If you’re feeling unwell or self-isolating (for whatever reason), we’re still available for psychological assistance via Telehealth (video) or Telephone services. Please just phone one of our friendly staff members to arrange a remote access appointment.

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Group Therapy


If anyone feels scared or hurt when they are with someone, they may be being bullied. Bullying is a form of aggression that can escalate into violence.

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